Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Installing Packages NLED and XYE

Installing 2 packages - NLED and another of my choice

Installing the "Neat Little EDitor" NLED. I downloaded the tar-ball package nled_2_52_src.tgz from Using the command tar xzfv nled_3_52_src.tgz I extracted the files from the tar-ball. Working forn the directory nled-2-52 the make command was executed. There were errors, but after researching the errors I realized the I needed to install the ncurses packages so the command yum install ncurses* was executed. The make command was executed again without errors. The command ./nled was executed to run the editor.

I then installed a Games/Entertainment package xye-0.9.1.tar.gz from The following commands were executed in order as they appeared tar xvfz xye-0.9.1.tar.gz and cd xye-0.9.1. The command ./configure while in the directory xye-0.9.1 and got the error that I was missing the SDL packages. The command yum install sdl* was executed and then the command ./configure was entered again without any errors. The following commands were then executed to compile the packages make and make install. After the packages compiled the command xye was executed to run the game.

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