Friday, February 26, 2010

Testing in Mock and Koji


When testing there was only one error that kept on reoccurring indicating that SDL packages were missing from the spec file( which is BuildRequires). I had to query the first installed SDL packages to find out what was needed. In the end I had to list eight SDL packages so it could run in mock.

Oh! I had to run the command rpmbuild -bs every time a change was made to the original spec file. This was fun!

Below is the final output of the successful run.


Finally. I do not know what the problem was, but it worked. Using the commands below and Using the Koji Buid system from Fedora

- yum install fedora-packager
- /usr/bin/fedora-packager-setup

I got an error indicating that I needed a Certificate. I downloaded that certificate and the second command again. There was success.

Building the package with koji was easy to my surprise. I didn't get any errors. The command below did it

koji build --scratch dist-f10 xye-0.9.1-1.fc10.src.rpm

The got the lovely words I like to see completed successfully.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Creating RPM packages

I created the rpm package for the package xye-0.9.1.tar.gz from Xye is an abstract puzzle game.

The packages rpm-build, rpmdevtools and rpmlint were installed. After installing the packages the command rpmdev-setuptree was executed to setup the RPM tree. I then proceeded with creating the RPM package.

yumdownloader --source xye [was executed to download the package.]
This package was then copied to ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES where the command rpmdev-newspec xye.0.9.1.tar.gz was executed to create the spec file. The newly created spec file was then copied to ~/rpmbuild/SPECS and renamed xye.spec.

Changes and lines were added to the spec file and then the command rmbuild -ba xye.spec was executed. There was success the binary files were created. The command rpmlint was executed on the following files in the directories ~/rpmbuild/SRPMS and ~/rpmbuild/RPMS/i386 with no errors.

Below is a link to the spec file