Friday, April 16, 2010

Koji Daemon Builder

With help form a Paul's blog post I was able to complete the task.

The first thing I did was download the koji builder on the virtual arm machine

yum install koji-builder

Still working on the koji machine I edited the kojid.conf file in /etc/kojid.

The line below was edited

; The URL for the xmlrpc server


Then the line below was added

; the username of you arm machine

user = arm-001-003

The lines below were uncommented and edited

;configuration for SSL authentication

;client certificate

cert = /etc/kojid/arm-001-007.pem

;certificate of the CA that issued the client certificate

ca = /etc/kojid/koji_ca_cert.crt

;certificate of the CA that issued the HTTP server certificate

serverca = /etc/kojid/koji_ca_cert.crt

Now after editing the kojid.conf file the certificates were copied from the Hong Kong server to /etc/kojid

scp arm-001-007.pem root@arm-001-003:/etc/kojid

scp koji_ca_cert.crt root@arm-001-003:/etc/kojid

The kojid daemon will be started

service kojid start

There was no errors but the server was resized to 10G

  1. Shut down the arm machine "init 0"
  2. Located the arm image on Hong Kong to be resized in "/var/lib/libvirt/images/arm".
  3. Used the command "df -h" to see if there is space available.
  4. Provide the space and then resize the drive

dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M count=10000 >> rootfs-arm-f12-003

e2fsck -f rootfs-arm-f12-003

resize2fs rootfs-arm-f12-003

The server is now resized but not ready for use.

Now I had to completely stop and start the machine

  1. Stop the arm machine "virsh destroy arm-001-003"
  2. Start the arm machine "virsh start arm-001-003"

Now back to the arm machine and start the kojid daemon

service kojid start

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