Friday, April 9, 2010

Testing packages on a virtual ARM machine

I was given six packages to test on my arm machine. Listed below are the problems I encounted and how they were resolved.

Firstly I had to prepare the VM for testing by, creating a user account and then add myself to mock group with the command "usermod -aG mock [user name].

The command
time mock -r feroda-12-arm --rebuild [package]
was used to test all the packages. The first package I tested, had an error indicating that there were missing dependencies.

My second package tested successfully and so it would have to be copied to the Hong Kong server. I wanted to use the scp command to do this but couldn't because scp was not installed. I then installed ssh to allow scp.

When I tried testing the remaining four packages but it wouldn't compile. I got an error and after checking the build.log file in /var/lib/mock/fedora-12-arm. The errors indicated that there was "No space left on the device".

Using the command "df -h" I noticed that there was no space available. With the aid of Prof. Tyler(I haven't done this in a while) I was able to resize the drive using the steps below.
  1. Shut down the arm machine "init 0"
  2. Located the arm image on Hong Kong to be resized in "/var/lib/libvirt/images/arm".
  3. Used the command "df -h" to see if there is space available.
  4. Provide the space and then resize the drive
dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M count=4096 >> rootfs-arm-f12-[arm server]
e2fsck -f rootfs-arm-f12-[arm server]
resize2fs rootfs-arm-f12-[arm server]
The server is now resized but not ready for use.
Now I had to completely stop and start the machine
  1. Stop the arm machine "virsh destroy [machine name]"
  2. Start the arm machine "virsh start [machine name]"

I then resumed my testing. The next two packages tested without any problems. But there are two packages left that are giving me headaches.

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